Sportshall Athletics is an indoor form of track and field for children between the ages of 4 and 16.  It was created by George Bunner MBE to provide a safe and warm environment for young athletes to train during the cold and dark winter months. Sportshall quickly developed into a new form of team competition and the first ever Sportshall competition took place in 1976 with the annual UK CLUBS CHAMPIONSHIPS being established in 1984.

Further details are available on the Sportshall website.

Berkshire has a well established and successful Sportshall league which encourages young athletes and their coaches to maintain a focus throughout the winter, whilst also building the fun and competitive spirit vital for a young sportsperson's development. Traditional events are introduced in adapted forms suitable for the indoor environment.


Regional Sportshall Final 10th Feb 18

A packed Surrey Sports Park arena saw two very tense and exciting U11 South Regionals finals on Saturday 10th February. Berkshire arrived with strong teams in both the boy’s and girl’s competitions, selected based on performances across the county league and county championship events held at TVAC in the autumn and earlier in the year.

Both teams started very well with solid performances in the obstacle relay and it soon became apparent our main rivals would be Surrey and Kent.

In the girl’s competition outstanding field event performances from