2016 Road Running - A Summary of the Year

2016 was not a bad year for road running in Berkshire: we had more people participating in more events, which has got to be good.

A total of 98 people registered, including one poor soul who managed to collect an injury between submitting an entry and receiving an acknowledgement, but excluding the absent-minded person who failed to register, but nonetheless completed all 4 events. The first entry was received on 31 Oct 2015; the last on 28 Sep 2016.

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2015 Annual General Meeting


John Nike Stadium, Bracknell Leisure Centre

Start 20:00, drinks and refreshments will be available from 7.30 pm and the presentation of the County Road Running Awards will take place before the start of the meeting. Voting representation is in accordance with the Constitution.

Event Date: 

Monday, November 23, 2015