Regional Sportshall Final

Event Date: 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A packed Surrey Sports Park arena saw two very tense and exciting U11 South Regionals finals on Saturday 10th February. Berkshire arrived with strong teams in both the boy’s and girl’s competitions, selected based on performances across the county league and county championship events held at TVAC in the autumn and earlier in the year.

Both teams started very well with solid performances in the obstacle relay and it soon became apparent our main rivals would be Surrey and Kent.

In the girl’s competition outstanding field event performances from

Demi Obilanade (SJAC) winning the vertical jump with a leap of 59cm to win; Carys Westcott (RAC) 2.12m standing long jump; Lexie Gill (SJAC) and Sophie Winters (RAC) scoring maximum 60 seconds on the balance test - with Lyla Goodwin (TK) 8th despite achieving a magnificent score of 56 seconds; Tomi Adejuwon (RAC) triple jumping 6.23m for a 2nd ; Maddie Sturt coming 3rd in the target throw place meant the girls were in a very strong position. Whilst these were top 3 positions and important for points the other two athletes in each field event are equally important in realising the overall position for the team and they did not disappoint with almost everyone finishing inside the top 10 positions – a magnificent achievement.

On the track the girls were equally as good with 2nd place in the 2+2 lap race (Demi Obilanade and Tomi Adejuwon); 3rd place in the 4x1 lap relay; 2nd place in the 6 lap Paarlauf; and an excellent victory in the hurdles relay.

At the end of the afternoon just 5 points separated Berkshire girls in the runners’ up position from the winners Surrey.

The boys were also very strong on the track with second places in the 4x1 relay; 6 lap Paarlauf; over and under relay; and third place in each of the hurdles relay, Grand Prix relay and 2+2 lap races.

In the field the boys were less strong with Jake Kabelu (Holy Family CS) our only top 3 finisher coming 2nd in the vertical jump (56) and winning the chest push (8.25m); Dre Ruan (Lynch Hill PSA) was 4th in the target throw.

The boys managed to score 432 points for 2nd place behind Kent (454).

It was yet another fantastic afternoon of Sportshall athletics filled with excitement and fun for all. Our supporters were once again amongst the loudest and most enthusiastic in the arena - for which everyone competing was most grateful.

3 Teams 1 Individual to Represent South Region at National Sportshall Final as Berkshire Complete Amazing Success

The U13 Boys, U13 Girls, U15 Boys teams and Yasmin Grosvenor (Bracknell AC, U15 girl All-Rounder winner) all qualified to represent the South region at the National Sportshall finals in Manchester in mid-April following an amazing afternoon of Sportshall at Burgess Hill on Sunday 4th March.

The U13 Girls have qualified for the first time having fought out a tense and very exciting afternoon against Surrey and Sussex. The whole team performed very well throughout the afternoon with the all-important “second” string athletes proving once again the importance of working as a team and for each other and ensuring good points are scored. The girls were never out of the top 10 finishers in each event through the course of the afternoon.

Top 3 medal winning performances were achieved by:

    • Georgina Ashby (RAC) Standing long jump 3rd 2.30m
    • Katy Beadle (SJAC) Standing triple jump 1st 2.30 m
    • Georgina Ashby (RAC) 4 lap race 3rd  
    • Rosie Cooper (SJAC) 2 lap race 3rd  
    • Samaia Dhir (RAC) Shot 1st  
    • Samaia Dhir (RAC) 2 lap race 1st 10.90 m

The U13 Boys arrived as defending Regional and National champions. As with the girls the team had a mix of first and second year U13 boys and Surrey were particularly keen to give us a run for the title. A mixture of experience gained last year at both the regional and national finals combined with the enthusiasm and great skill of the first-year athletes coming through saw the boys retain their title.

Top 3 medal winning performances were achieved by:

    • Samaia Dhir (RAC) 2 lap race 1st 10.90 m
    • Gregory Menkiti (SJAC) Standing long jump 3rd 2.40m
    • Jayden Meghoma (SJAC) Speed bounce 1st 89
    • Philip Oladunjoye (SJAC) 2 lap race 1st  
    • Philip Oladunjoye (SJAC) Standing triple jump 2nd 7.27m
    • Sammy Ball (RAC) 4 lap race 2nd  
    • Sammy Ball (RAC Shot 1st 11.90m
    • Trey Bennett (SJAC) 4 lap race 1st  
    • Trey Bennett (SJAC) Standing long jump 2nd 2.44m
    • Obstacle relay   1st;  
    • 4 x 1 lap relay   2nd  
    • 4 x 2 lap relay   1st  

Our U15 Boys arrived also as defending regional champions. Once again, a very solid team performance across all events saw the boys retain their title for the 4th consecutive year.

Top 3 medal winning performances were achieved by:

    • Adam Ulhaq (MAC) 2 lap race 3rd 22.9 s
    • Adam Ulhaq (MAC) Speed bounce 3rd= 86
    • Feranmi Sanni (SJAC) Standing triple jump 1st= 8.18 m
    • Feranmi Sanni (SJAC) Speed bounce 1st 89
    • Harry Booker (TK) Shot 3rd 11.21 m
    • James Shefford (BAC) Shot 1st 11.78 m
    • Luke Turner (BAC) 2 lap race 1st 22.6 s
    • James Shefford (BAC) Shot 1st 11.78 m
    • 4 x 2 lap relay   1st  

Feranmi Sanni was 3rd in the All-Rounder competition; Adam Ulhaq 5th=; Elijah Oladunjoye 8th; Luke Turner 10th; James Shefford 15th and Harry Booker 18th=


The U15 girls were in very close three-way competition with Kent and Surrey throughout the afternoon. At the end Kent prevailed (618), with Surrey second (607) and our girls third (595).

Top 3 medal winning performances were achieved by:

    • Abbie Sillett (BAC) 2 lap race 2nd 24.3 s
    • Hope Dandjinou (SJAC Shot 1st 11.79 m
    • Lauren Watkins (BAC) Speed bounce 3rd 86
    • Yasmin Grosvenor (BAC) 4 lap race 2nd 52.8 s
    • Yasmin Grosvenor (BAC) Shot 2nd 11.52 m

Yasmin Grosvenor (BAC) retained her All-Rounder title and will again compete at the National final as an individual representing the South. Hope Dandjinou was 6th; Abbie Sillett 9th=; Layla Beaud 15th=; Olivia Phelps 19th and Lauren Watkins 22nd

Surrey Sports Park Guildford


Richard Meyjes Road Guildford GU2 7AD