In brief, natives and residents. According to UKA rule 9, this encompasses: a) any individual born in Berkshire OR with 9 months continuous bona fide residence in Berkshire prior to the date of the race (this includes HM Forces stationed in Berkshire) AND b) who has not competed for any other county, or in any other county championships, during the competition year. (The full UKA text may be found here.)

"Berkshire" no longer exists as a political or administrative entity but, for present purposes, as defined on the Home Page of this site, it consists of the Unitary Authority areas of Bracknell Forest, Reading, Slough, West Berkshire, Windsor & Maidenhead, and Wokingham.

Championship Entry

See above, or check out the fixtures page, for dates, send off your entries to the appropriate event organisers, then follow the instructions in Entering Berkshire Championship Road Races above. Couldn't be easier!

Championship Fees

You pay your race entry fees directly to the organisers of each event.  No extra fee is required to enter the Berkshire Championship.

Communication & Use of Details

All communication will be by email. Your email address will be used as a means to contact you after race day if you have won a medal, and / or following the last race of the year if you have won a trophy. Your data will not be sold, or otherwise passed on, to other parties, or used for any form of marketing.

Championship Prizes

Berkshire County AA medals are awarded to the first 3 Championship finishers in each age category: 

  • male - under 40, 40-49, 50-59, 60+
  • female - under 35, 35-44, 45-54, 55+

NOTE: These age groups apply to the Berkshire Championships for all races, regardless of those used by race organisers for their own overall race categorisation.

Series Trophies

The top 10 runners in each category of each championship race score ten through to one point respectively towards the series trophy. At the end of the season, the highest scoring runner in each category will receive a trophy. In the event of a draw, head-to-head results will be taken into account.

Why doesn't my name appear in the Trophy Points Table?

For all sorts of possible reasons — watch this space

"Gun time" vs. "Chip Time"

The first person to cross the finishing line is the winner. This result is not affected by any considerations of how long it took the winner, or anybody else, to cross the start line.

For each runner, there are three particularly significant moments in the timing of a road race:

  1. the instant the gun signals the start of the event,
  2. the instant the runner crosses the start line, and
  3. the instant the runner crosses the finish line.

The interval between moments (1) and (3) is the runner's "gun-to-chip" time; the interval between moments (ii) and (iii) is that runner's "chip-to-chip" time.

It is entirely possible that somebody has a better gun-to-chip time than you, but a worse chip-to-chip time, i.e, somebody else has scored more points than you, even though you ran "faster". Almost certainly, you were further from the start line than the other guy was, when the gun went.

Faster runners, out to win, are rated according to their gun-times. We don't want to see some master tactician starting 10 metres behind the official start line, taking pace from the front runners all the way round, putting in a finishing sprint which puts him 1 metre behind the first guy to cross the line, and claiming victory. No, if you want to win, do it from the front. 

The rest of us (which, in a field of 1000, will be approximately 990 runners) will be checking our chip-times, to see whether we have improved on a personal best (which is, after all, only 1h 20m 32s behind the world record), or done an "acceptable" time (considering the amount of overtime / d-i-y / broken nights due to baby's colic, &c), or clearly in need of some proper training.

There you have it: 2 different times, for 2 different purposes.


Results & Medals Tables will be made available from this page as soon as possible after each race. However it may take some time to acquire and process race results, so please be patient.

For various reasons, it is no longer feasible to determine medal winners in time for the post-race presentation, even for the 10k and 10 mile races. Trophies and trophy medals are normally presented at the County AGM (usually in November). At the same time, where possible, event medals are passed to a club representative, for onward distribution. If there is no club rep at the AGM, medal winners will be contacted individually.

Category changes

For the purposes of trophy points accumulation, an athlete's age category is determined by their age on the date of the first race within the series.

For individual events, an athlete's age category is determined by their age attained on the date the event is run.

Helping at a Championship Event

All events typically welcome assistance with marshalling. Contact the race organisers via their race website (links will appear on the Events page).